2 computers, 1 email address question

As the title says, I have 2 computers and 1 email address…
How much does it cost to use eM Client on the 2nd computer ?

Yes, if you purchase multiple Pro Licenses at one time there is a substantial discount. If you decide to purchase an additional license at a later time however, you will pay the full price for it.

The calculator that Pefunk Referred to above is at https://emclient.com/purchase.

Do I need to purchase 2 Pro licenses for a single email address on 2 computers ???

No, you don’t need to purchase  Pro Licenses ,just use 2 free versions
registered to 2 different email addresses. 1 for each…

For your light usage 1 Pro Lic should’ve been enough
especially at the high price.
Many other applications allow eg desktop and laptop.

The license is for a computer, not an address. So if you have the application on more than one computer, you need more than one license. This is the same for both Pro and Free Licenses.

If you are using eM Client for anything other than personal use, then you need to purchase a Pro License, or multiple Pro Licenses if you want to use it on more than one computer.

If it is just occasionally that you want to use the application on another computer, you can deactivate the license on the one computer before activating it on the other.

especially at the high price 

I have the pro version since V6. V7 was introduced in July 2016. More than 2 years for a one time payment does not seem high to me. During all that time I have tested almost all alternatives (free and paid) and I still am with emCLient. All programs have their pros and cons, but for me emClient still comes out on top. Ultimately, it’s your decision to chose the app of your liking.
Now, if I had a feeling, that emClient would announce V8 during the next six months (which may not be unlikely), I might wait with my payment.

If you are using the application for personal use - it is FREE!!!

And if you are using it for work - $50 is not a massive investment for the company, is it? And it gets even better if the company buys many licenses. $15 per license is something even most parsimonious CFO will be happy with.

I doubt version 8 is on the horizon yet. We are still waiting for 7.2 and the big changes there.

In my opinion, good work deserves adequate paymant. So, if there are big changes ahead, I for my part would not begrudge them calling it V8 and collect some money.
I use emClient for personal use only, but I have five accounts, hence I bought the pro version. € 24 for the upgrade from 6 to 7 (including VAT) over 27 months ago, I don’t know what people keep complaining about. If that is too much, everybody knows the free and cheaper alternatives.