2 accounts same ISP one syncs the other doesn't

Up till recently I have had 2 accounts on em working reasonably well ocassional problems. Both with BT as ISP suddenly 1 has stopped syncing unable to connect with server. Settings are the same. Web mail for account is fine and receiving mails. I deleted and re added account still no good also now doesn’t appear in folder tree I understand this may be because it needs to sync first. Using version 7.2.34711.0 on win 10.  EM says no update available.  Anyone any clues

Are there any error message for the account. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Operations.

Yes, after removing then re-adding the account, the folder tree will not reappear until it has successfully synced with the server.

Hi Gary,  I removed and readded the none syncing account. After 24hrs it obtained sync. Em client now syncs with both accounts and seems to work quicker than ever. The only error message I was getting was unable to sync at this time and check settings. I dont think it was a client problem but a service provider one. Hopefully all good now.  Thanks for responding. Thought i’d become “Billy no mates” when there was no postings.