17:51:12 "MAIL FROM: max message size exceeded

I get the above error try to send any message without attachment. The message remains in teh outgoing local folder. I have used EMclient for 8-9 months now with almost no issues. I already tried to reinstall the software, but it did not work. Sending mails from the webmail client or from my iphone work.
Any idea? Otherwise I have to move to another IMAP email client.

Hi Mauro, this means you’re trying to send a message that exceeds it’s maximum size on the server. Please remove this message from your outgoing folder using Shift + delete, to get rid off this error. Maximum file size on most common server can not exceed 20MB, some servers however, have this limit even lower.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, as I mentioned my message is composed only by 1 row , so the message is very small. Even If I delete the message in the outgoing folder, the issue remain with the next message

No other idea Paul?

Hi again Mauro, unfortunately this really can’t be caused by the application, maybe your mailbox is full and thus you’re unable to upload any messages into your sent folder, check if the mailbox isn’t full by logging into your webmail application, or check with your mail service provider support on how to proceed.

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Hi Paul,

I think i get the same problem. Please take a look on the 2 attached picts.
The problem is that, this is constantly happenning and I cant find the mail to delete it, no even in the outlook web access!!
What can i do more? With this error, i cannot send messages with attachements from Em Client.
I’m sending the log file to support.
Thanks for any help, my mail is joana.amorim512@gmail.com.

And i’ve also repared the database… no sucess! Don’t know what to do more and love EM Client…

Hello Joanna, unfortunately it seems like one of your messages was too large to be sent over your mail server, thus the error. Clear your outbox folder of this limit exceeding email or check your trash folder if you’ve already removed it. You can remove the message by using shift+delete in order to remove it without moving it to another server folder (e.g. trash).

Unfortunately I can’t see what folder the message is saved in, however since this is frequently asked question, I believe it will be one of the above mentioned folder , either your outbox or the message has already been moved to Trash.


Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback. The problem is that, i cant see the mail anywhere! In any folder! Nevertheless, still saying trying to send the mail… don’t know what to do anymore! :frowning:

Any suggestion more?
Your help is higly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks and Regards,

Hello Joana, I’m guessing it would be the Trash folder or your Outbox (local) folder, to enable local folders navigate to Tools > Settings > General > Show local folders, however the message may be visible under the Smart Outbox as well if it’s being sent.

If not, switch to the Log tab when the error occurs, and check which folder was being synchronised before the error is thrown in the log and Repair that folder.