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Photo of kacit
eM Client 8 BETA - Wow!
I've been looking for a replacement for Thunderbird (& all the other less-than-effective email clients I've tried down through the years)...
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Photo of jamie spence
Notes widget
I really like eM Client, but the one thing that was lacking was a Notes widget like Outlook used to have. It was super handy for me, and ...
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Photo of Senior Adviser
eM Client has spoiled me!
I have been using eM Client for three years. I have just one email account with Microsoft.  Though a few glitches have occurred along the...
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Photo of mrssec
Formatting of the body
I have used Thunderbird for years. A great e-mail client compared to the unnecessarily stuffed and often unclear use of web-based Gmail a...
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Photo of fitness
Rich Text Format
RTF through out is a great addition to eM Client...well done!
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