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Photo of Roxie2401
Account colors
e-mail account colors: I have two accounts and would like to mark the messages in the Inbox for each account in a different color (Acc...
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  • 5 replies
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of Daan
Direct pdf print
Almost every invoice is sent digital (per email). I need to print them. It would be handy if I can do this with one click, even without o...
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  • 2 replies
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Photo of Dutty
Archive feature
It seems that emclient does not have a an archive button/feature. Yes, it's there, but only for gmail.That is baffling me as emclient see...
  • 9 me toos
  • 9 replies
  • Idea
Photo of BanDev
Making passwords visible - on demand
Hi,I recently had a problem with one of my accounts and had long email exchanges with my ISP provider for debugging the issues.Every time...
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Photo of loniz
Searchable settings
eM Client is beastly and as a result there are a lot of settings used to tame it. similarly powerful software in their fields(directory o...
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  • 2 replies
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Photo of David Robertson
Favorite Folders
I am longtime TB user, loving eMClient.. I did like TB's ability to designate certain folders as "Favorites" and only display them in ...
  • 31 me toos
  • 44 replies
  • Idea
  • Under Consideration
Photo of IPTRACE
TLSv1.3 support
Dear All! Please add support of TLSv1.3 to eM Client. Be the first! No MS, no Mozilla clients support at the moment this protocol. Tha...
  • 1 me too
  • 3 replies
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