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Photo of Marcel Leenaerts
Language changing is very easy. Right click in the new mail window. If dutch or another language is not available you can very easily do...
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Photo of Steven Richardson
Calendar Appointment Printing
Hi, So I have a few users that I have upgraded to em client from MS Outlook (Mainly due to the integrated google sync for contacts/calend...
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Photo of vesodimov
Size visibility of inbox
Hello.Please after name of folders "inbox", "send" ... make possibility to view size on every folder on MB. Regards
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Photo of R1M
database check: prog'ression status?
Is it possible to add a progression bar to the database check tool?It can be usefull to know when it will finish...
  • R1M, 6 months ago

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Photo of Nick
Editing Subject Line
After installing and testing 15+ emails clients (as we decided to move from Outlook, due to issues with large data files), only a few em...
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Photo of Tom Hansen
Keyboard shortcuts
I absolutely love eM Client - the feature set and visual appeal are both outstanding!  There is only one thing I like about using Gmail's...
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