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Photo of Geert Van Osch
Future request
Hi Everyone, I would like and Many others with me to see an IOS app from Em Client i saw on the forum comments that there are a Window...
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Photo of Dutty
Archive feature
It seems that emclient does not have a an archive button/feature. Yes, it's there, but only for gmail.That is baffling me as emclient see...
  • 9 me toos
  • 9 replies
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Photo of Jay
Resending email
I know this has been discussed in the past, but there was not a solution to the whole request for resending the original email to the ori...
  • 5 me toos
  • 6 replies
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Photo of Alexei
Any folder as Smart folder
Please provide a way to mark an email folder as "smart folder" and place it to the "Smart folders" section. This cannot be accomplished ...
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Photo of Roxie2401
Account colors
e-mail account colors: I have two accounts and would like to mark the messages in the Inbox for each account in a different color (Acc...
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  • Under Consideration
Photo of sven.alder
Delete button
When will you have a delete button at the end of the individual line just like outlook. Also can you make the rules work on current email...
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