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Photo of Sam
Saving an attachment blocks UI
I recently saved a large attachment. It took about a minute or two to finish. While the attachment was saving, the rest of the eM Client ...
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Photo of R1M
multithread "save as attachment"
When application is saving attachments from a message, it is frozen, nothing else can be done, nor reading other messages, nor synchroniz...
  • R1M, 2 days ago

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Photo of TBKim
Broken Korean Language
Hi,some of my mail, eM Client cannot show Korean language normally such like "1ß1⁄4ÛμË ́Ï ́Ù"please let me know how to setup encoding. th...
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Photo of George Wilson
Custom eM Client Themes
Hi, I decided to collect all the custom themes our customers sent us so you can find them in one place. See below: George Merlocco...
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