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Photo of buckerfuchs
deleting attachment
It would be very helpfull, if its possible to delete attchments after saving. This saves disk space and reduces time, needed to backup th...
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Photo of Trent Hilderbrand
calendar from outlook to em
All of my past appointments that I had not dismissed are showing dismissed BUT when I pull them up they still show with an update.. I was...
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Photo of Paul Reeman
eM Client Offline
My EM Client frequently opens Offline.  If I enter Menu>File>Work Offline and uncheck this setting nothing happens - it still doesn't con...
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Photo of Mike Dreaneen
Sync google calendar
I seem to be able to have entries in google calendar sync to eM Client but not in reverse. What do I need to do to fix this problem
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Photo of Joshua Garrett
EWS not connecting on Mac
I am unable to connect to Exchange on my Mac, with the same settings that work fine on Windows. I'm highly confident my settings are corr...
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